Dena Bilbrew is a Workforce Development Consultant who collaborates with mid- to senior-level professionals to overcome their pain points regarding career transition. She has assisted 6000+ clients nationwide with developing their personal brand and communicating their unique value through consultations, professional documents, and social media. Ultimately, she helps clients connect the dots from where they are in their career to where they want to be.

Dena has had many changes in her own career which led her to realize the importance of personal branding and “reinventing” yourself. Her diverse background has spanned 20+ years including information technology, retail management, career services, and workforce development. She began training others as a Store Manager where she oversaw daily operations and nearly 60 employees. She later became a Career Planning Instructor and coached 500+ adult learners as they transitioned in the workforce. Dena eventually worked in higher education as the Assistant Director of Career Services and liaised between the Career Center, campus departments, and nearly 200 employers. She currently partners with senior leadership to identify workforce development needs via gap analysis and advises on best practices for enhancing employee performance and engagement.

DB Professional Concepts was designed to give professionals the tools needed to get to the next step in their career. Dena truly believes that people really just need 2 things – confidence and a chance. Confidence comes from gaining the appropriate knowledge and a chance comes if you position yourself correctly. Dena assists individual clients and organizations in the following ways:

• Guiding Your Next Steps through Career Consultations
• Restructuring Your Resume and Cover Letter to Get Hiring Manager’s Attention
• Reducing Anxiety Caused by Job Interviews
• Creating a Superstar LinkedIn Profile to Increase Networking Opportunities
• Developing Job Search Strategies to Decrease Job Search Time
• Facilitating Workshops, Writing Bios, and More!!!

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