Dena Bilbrew has given career advice to over 3000 people nationwide.  Her career has spanned 20 years and has included 3 different industries – information technology, retail, and career services.  Her keen ability to connect with the people she advises is due to the several changes in her own career.  The changes were not voluntary but the result of being laid off twice due to downsizing.  With each layoff she realized the importance of transferable skills and the value of “reinventing” yourself.

Dena’s journey of training and mentoring others began as a Store Manager where she managed nearly 60 employees.  While motivating her employees to be successful in their current position, she would often give them advice and encourage them to pursue their ultimate career goals.  Several years later she became a Career Planning Instructor where she trained 500+ adult learners as they transitioned in the workforce.  She was able to incorporate many of her life experiences into her daily sessions and developed a passion for inspiring others and giving them tidbits of information to make them successful.

Dena eventually made the transition to career services and fine tuned her advising/coaching skills.  In this capacity, she  had over 100 one-on-one advising appointments monthly, conducted 150+ presentations on various career topics, assisted with numerous career related events, and interacted with hundreds of employers.  

DB Professional Concepts was designed to assist professionals who are unemployed and underemployed gain the skills and confidence needed to have the career they desire. Clients who utilize the services receive:

  • An initial consultation to better understand their desired career path
  • A resume, CV and/or cover letter strategically written to market them appropriately
  • Recommendations to improve their interviewing skills
  • Job search strategies to position them for the career they desire
  • Tips on utilizing social media for branding and interacting with employers
  • Personal coaching sessions to answer personal questions and enhance overall professional development

The goal of DB Professional Concepts is to empower people to take their future into their own hands and have the career they desire. Dena truly believes that people really just need 2 things – confidence and a chance.  Confidence comes from knowledge and a chance comes if you position yourself correctly.  Employers will take about 10 seconds to review your resume to decide whether to call you for an interview. Trust your 10 seconds to DB Professional Concepts!


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