DB Professional Concepts is available to do presentations/workshops for your group, organization, conference, church, or school.  Topics can be taken from the list below or customized to fit your specific needs.

“5 Reasons Why Your Resume is Being Overlooked”

Hiring managers will look at your resume for 10 seconds to determine if they will call you for an interview.  This workshop teaches you how to write a resume that targets specific jobs, stands out from the competition, and gets the attention of hiring managers.

“Are Cover Letters and Letters of Recommendation Really Necessary?”

Ever wonder if cover letters or letters of recommendation really help you get the job? This workshop will give you insight from hiring managers and give you tips on how to effectively write a cover letter to market your skills and use recommendation letters to your advantage.

“Don’t Suffer From Job Application Phobia”

A lot of jobseekers get frustrated when applying for jobs and filling out applications due to lack of preparation.  This workshop will teach you the best way to fill them out and how to adequately answer questions you are unsure about with minimal frustration.

“8 Reasons Why Your Last Interview Didn’t Lead to the Job Offer”

Have you ever interviewed for a position and were sure you would get the job just to be disappointed when you didn’t get a call back?  This workshop will let you know the common mistakes made and give you useful strategies to prepare for the interview –  before, during, and after.

“You’re at a Networking Event – Now What?”

If you’re like a lot people, you’re nervous going to networking events because you’re not sure how to connect with the right people.  This workshop will teach you how to make a good first impression and give you tips on how to get a follow up conversation.   

“How to Use your LinkedIn Profile to Discover the Hidden Job Network”

Did you know that nowadays recruiters and hiring managers go to LinkedIn first to find potential candidates? This workshop will help you create a superstar LinkedIn profile and use it to network and position yourself for success!

“Business Etiquette in the Workplace: Do’s and Don’ts”

Knowing how to carry yourself in the workplace is very important to your professional image and career success! This workshop will give you useful tips on what to do in various workplace situations – meetings, business lunches/dinners, networking events, email correspondence, etc. 

“Don’t Wait for Your Manager to Promote You – Promote Yourself”

Did you know that you hold the power to control your destiny and make sure you have the career you desire? This workshop will teach you what you need to do to get to the next step in your career and make getting a promotion easy for you.


1 Hour Presentation | Workshop*                   (Group receives 15% off individual services)

2 Hour Presentation | Workshop                    (Group receives 20% off individual services)

3 Hour Presentation | Workshop                    (Group receives 25% off individual services)

* Prices vary depending on size of group and length of presentation.