“Amazing would be an understatement to describe the customer experience I had with Dena Bilbrew and the refreshed resume, refreshed LinkedIn profile, and cover letter she created. The final work product she provided to me was AMAZING. For about a week, I enthusiastically forwarded a copy of my refreshed resume and the link for my LinkedIn profile to family and friends for them to see how wonderful they looked along with the website link for Dena Bilbrew. Not only does she do excellent work but her prices are reasonable!” (Janet B.)


“Working with Dena was a great experience. She took my CV/resume and refreshed it in a way that is current and captures the true essence of my experience. I went from getting no responses from employers to multiple responses. Dena is really easy to work with, she is patient, thoughtful in response and quick in the turnaround. I completely recommend working with Dena!”   (Laryssa C.)


“Dena has a warm, inviting speaking style that is conversational and relaxed.  Beyond merely sharing information, Dena has that wonderful ability to naturally connect with and engage audiences.”    (Bob I. – UNT Professor)


“Dena did a great job “decluttering” my resume and presenting my skills and experience objectively. Unquestionably the response to my applications has gone up as a direct result. I’d highly recommend Dena’s work and will go back to her again if I needed. Thanks Dena – great Job!”   (John A.)


“I highly recommend Dena Bilbrew. Dena revamped my resume in such a way that I have gotten more interviews than at any other point in my career. I’ve heard on more than one occasion how professional and appealing my resume is. She took my old resume, asked me questions about my career goals and past experiences and created a beautiful resume that I am proud to distribute. I encourage anyone who has an interview coming up to seek out Dena for her mock interview skills. She asked me questions that actually came up in the interviews I was preparing for. She quizzed and coached me until I was confident and ready for my interview. If you want to take your career further and need an extra boost I promise you Dena is it.”   (Sarita R.)


“The conference attendees were highly impressed with how well she engaged the audience, gave valuable information, and rated Dena’s presentation on the closing survey in the ‘excellent’ range.”  (Adanna B. – Young Adult Ministry President)


“Dena does excellent work.  I had not done my resume in years and called upon Dena to help me rewrite it.  She asked me a few questions and came back with an excellent update to my resume.  I posted it and immediately got a response for job opportunities.  If you want your resume to ‘speak,’ then Dena can definitely give it a ‘voice.'” (Yolonda K.)


“I really appreciate the hard work and time Dena put into helping me craft a resume for my job search. Working with her was a joy because she always had great advice to guide me in my search. She was very direct with how she created my resume and made it stand out amongst the thousands of other resumes that were sent in for my current position. I have nothing but great words for Dena and her ability to turn any resume into a masterpiece!”  (Kellen H.)


“I needed to change jobs and was unsure about how to revamp my resume. Dena reorganized my resume and helped me communicate my skills in such a great way that made me more marketable to prospective employers. She provided great advice on interviewing and helped build my confidence with a mock interview. I now have a great resume and have been on numerous job interviews and received so many responses due to her assistance. The services that Ms. Bilbrew provides is worth the investment and very affordable. She’s the best!”  (Valerie B.)


“Dena provided very detailed training for a non-profit I’ve been associated with for many years and in the midst also did my resume. As a result, I was able to successfully tell my story in writing and be selected for a position of which I wouldn’t have otherwise without her assistance. I recommend Dena for any career services without reservation.”   (Desmond J.)


“Dena made short work of the daunting task of updating my 22 year body of professional experience and encapsulating it into a resume and cover letter for what was my dream position. I was stuck and Dena was able to get me “unstuck” and move with ease and swiftness through cultivating a good solid document that I liked.  She was prompt in her responses and efficient in her exchanges during the editing process, to yield a document that was in line with with employers are looking for in the current job market.  I would highly recommend Dena and would seek her services in the future.”     (Terri B.)


“If you’re looking for services to assist with resume restructuring, cover letter developing and interview preparation, give Dena a call. Dena will spend as many hours as needed preparing you for the next step. With the job market saturated with potential candidates, her services help you achieve that initial interview. I have hired Dena several times and each time has been successful.    I look forward to hiring her to help prepare our future business leaders!!!!”   (Maraskeshia S.)


“Dena is truly a professional who strives to bring out the best in every person!  My interaction with her was amazing.  She listened to what I had to say, understood where I was trying to go, and helped me develop a road map to accomplish my dreams.  Dena simply is a SUPERSTAR with a passion that goes above and beyond!”   (Charleston B.)


“Dena is great in her role as facilitator of connecting the dots, when it comes to employment needs. I hired Dena to re-write and restructure my resume so that I could actively get back into the employment market. Although as a recruiter, I read resumes constantly and know what it takes to prepare a good one, Dena takes it to the next level and gives you a great product. She’s not a one stop shop, but all inclusive of your resume, interviewing and career development needs. I’ve referred her a ton of times. She’s that GOOD!”  (Gwendolyn R.)


“Dena was instrumental in helping me to revise my resume.  She did a major overhaul!!!  Now, my resume is easier on the eye, clean, precise and gets to the point.  She gave it the “POP” that I needed.  Working with Dena was a very positive experience and I highly recommend her for career planning services.”  (Tamara W.)


“Ms. Bilbrew does very impressive work. She understood that I wanted to change the course of my career and promptly came up with fresh options to consider. I have recommended her to my friends and family who were looking to reinvent themselves professionally or simply needed a resume’ makeover.”  (Angela B.)


“Dena’s knowledge in the career development field is priceless and has added so much value to my career. She made the process painless and smooth. She is a true woman of her word, she met every timeline she set during the process. She provided a product that is worth tons more than it costs. I would use her again and again.”  (Reginald H.)

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