Interview Sessions

INTERVIEW STRATEGY SESSION (1 Hour via Phone or Video) $75

Employers hire you because they liked you in the interview and you demonstrated the ability to fill a business need or solve a problem for them. It is always best to have a strategy when interviewing for a job. Even the most skilled professional needs a strategy. Interview strategy session will cover topics such as:

  • Connecting with the Interviewer and Speaking His/Her Language
  • Explaining How Your Skills Transition to New Industry
  • Communicating Qualifications to Be Promoted Within Your Company
  • Returning to Work After Being Laid Off, Fired or a Stay-at-Home Parent
  • Addressing Gaps on Your Resume
  • Determine Questions You Should Ask the Interviewer
  • What To Do Before, During, and After the Interview
  • Etiquette for Various Scenarios – Onsite, Phone, Video, and Panel 
  • And More!

The interview strategy session is most successful when clients provide all requested information in advance. After payment is made, a session will be scheduled. 

MOCK INTERVIEW SESSION (1.5 Hours via Phone or Video) $75

The interview process is divided into 3 parts – preparation (60%), actual interview (30%), and follow-up (10%). A mock interview is the best way to prepare for and reduce anxiety leading to an interview. It will definitely increase your confidence and equip you with the tools to communicate your unique value in your next interview. The mock interview session will:

  • Simulate a Real Interview by Asking You Traditional, Behavioral, Stress, and Illegal Questions
  • Help You Prepare Your 60 Second Commercial (Tell Me About Yourself)
  • Teach You How to Answer Questions Using the STAR Method (Situation, Task, Action, and Result)
  • Explain How You Disguise Areas of Inexperience
  • Guide You in Answering All Questions Positively
  • And More!

The mock interview session is most successful when clients provide a specific job description in advance. After payment is made, a session will be scheduled. Clients will receive a copy of questions asked during the mock interview with recommendations. 


This a combined session in which clients will start with a mock interview and continue with the interview strategy. Clients will receive all the benefits of each session and be able to take a break mid-way through the session to ensure optimization and effectiveness. After payment is made, a combined session will be scheduled.