Presentation | Workshop

1 Hour Presentation | Workshop     $100               (Group receives 15% off individual services)

2 Hour Presentation | Workshop     $200               (Group receives 20% off individual services)

3 Hour Presentation | Workshop     $300               (Group receives 25% off individual services)

DB Professional Concepts is available to do presentations/workshops for your group, organization, conference, church, or school.  Presentations can be taken from the  list below or customized to fit your specific needs.  Handouts and resources will be provided.

“5 Reasons Why Your Resume is Being Overlooked”

“4 Non-Traditional Ways to Get Your Resume to Hiring Managers”

“What to do Before, During and After the Interview”

“You’re at a Networking Event – Now What?”

“Are You Positioning Yourself for Your Next Career Move?”

“Social Media – How to Let the Job Find YOU”

“How to Conduct a Successful Job Search”

“Business/Dining Etiquette”

“How to Network at a Career Fair”

“How to Build Your Portfolio”

“What To Do Your First Year on the Job”